Interview to Manuel Conde


Interview to Manuel Conde

Interview to Manuel Conde

We  are going to tell briefly the path of the business of the developer company Gestoso INC.
It was constituted in the year 1988.  It is the head company of a group of businesses (PROMOGESA), linked especially to the real estate  and promoter development sector.  Besides, We participate actively in the sector of the transport, where we include dealers of cars, service stations, vehicles wash centers and parking of public use (administrative concessions) and private.  Our activity in the real estate sector develops in Vigo and in the provinces of Malaga and Cadiz.

-¿What perspectives do you have to continue building in Vigo and in its influence area?
In Vigo we want to continue building symbolic and singular buildings as the one that has been object of the reward, to satisfy the demand of ours already faithful clients, with who we are compromised in offer them high quality and equipment in their houses.

The problem   that  we find is the difficulty already repeatedly indicated by the own Association and by the sector in general, to encounter the problem that supposes to obtain plot to be built of similar characteristics in Vigo, something that becomes “Impossible mission” for the developers that not only we wager, but also we want and we believe in Vigo, so that the delay in the approval of the PGOU and the consequent lack of available plots, obligues us to take our promotions to other provinces as Malaga, where at present we are building  a complex of 179 apartments, commercial premises and parking spaces and we have plots in property for the development of 2000 houses.  Despite this development in the Andalusian Community, we reiterate our desire to be able to continue promoting in the city that has permitted us to grow up like group and tit woud be as it deserves.

-Please, let us know a, which are the main characteristics of the building object of the prize.
Since we thought in the project for what today is the Building “Mr. ENRIQUE”, our true goal was to satisfy  what our clients demanded us, because of it we have listened to them from the beginning  , as they contributed and suggested us counsels that improve the initial project.

– Are you thinking about houses to the letter?
Maybe yes, since we have understood that the client should define what was going to be the family home for long years and therefore our desire was, not to confine them in some distributions and inflexible or stiff qualities.
We bet on the quality and the equipment and because of it we also wanted to include the better suppliers; professional staff with high experience in  quality building.  We give them our gratitude for their contribution  to become reality that initial commitment.
Also we want to share our  true satisfaction with those buyers definite as  “they buy in plan”; subject to receive what the initial memory of qualities.  For them we h never wanted to make a riddle whith they were going to receive and  we have improved  the qualities initially conceived.
We wanted that this building were a model our professionalism where was projected and at the same time that it could become our future reference of commitment with the quality, for it we have valued that the luxury has been reached building quality and being generous with the spaces and habitability, even in common aereas, and why not, even in the own parking spaces and store rooms, and I honestly believe  that we have got it .

 -¿What do you emphasize?
The wholw in itself and over all our clients satisfaction, that have felt the prize as theirselves, a gesture that GESTOSO INC., thanks them enormously.