Interview to Manuel Gestoso


Interview to Manuel Gestoso

Interview to Manuel Gestoso


Manuel Gestoso is not the typical emigrant in search of fortune, he was already a recognized businessman that he was looking for expanding its territory.

-How did you begin your professional path?
I was very young when I start working in the business Cars Gestoso INC. from “A Estrada”, where  my business vocation born and that take me in year 88 to move to Vigo where thanks to the contribution of my parents and brother, I undertake a business adventure and I found the development business Gestoso INC. that at present builds up buildings in Vigo and Malaga, besides I participate at the same time in several companies related to The sector of the construction.

-Being already a businessman, why did you decide to leave Galicia?
It Was like a professional challenge, the economic situation of the province of Malaga was very delicate, but everything aimed at  that situation was unsustainable a lot of time and sooner or later would have to improve, just as it has happened, and today, ten years later I feel satisfied with the result of the effort and and for to bet on a province in growth.

-¿Which were your first business successes?
When I moved to Malaga I got to work the business Alfín Garage INC., representative of Renault in the area of Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola and Mijas.  This project was consolidated recently with the creation of a new company called Rombosol S.L.  Concessionary Renault with headquarters in Marbella and that covers Malaga province except for the capital.

-¿ Has It been easy to break through?
The truth is that the Sun Coast offers the possibility to work who desire it, and in my personal case as a businessman, it has enabled me to grow in the sector of the car, at the same time that has permitted to increase our presence in the business of the Construction.  All the companies that I represent have given me many satisfactions, but at the same time they have private me of time to dedicate to the family and friends in the fast visits to my hometown which always are less frequent of what  I had desired.

-¿Have you think about moving  to live to Galicia?
Since the serenity that contributes to have been 48 years old, I would like to live more time in Galicia and to develop there a business project that time ago I have in my mind, that will force me to spend more time in A Estrada and I could able  to enjoy my family and my land.